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View Diary: ID-01: Polls, Debates, and More (35 comments)

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  •  State legislature in Idaho (0+ / 0-)

    Is there any shot of picking up any seats there?

    I know there's an anti-gay amendment on the ballot this year.

    •  Picking up seats in Idaho legislature (0+ / 0-)

      Yes, there is an excellent shot. Howard Dean's 50-state strategy has been a godsend for the Party here, and the machine in place is far better than it was 5, 10 years ago. Dems could pick up as many as 11 seats. The leg. will still be dominated heavily by Rs, but Rome was not built in a day.

      •  That's great to hear. Can you (0+ / 0-)

        give any more detail on what seats may be in play? How about the other statewide races, like lt. governor or secretary of state?

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