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View Diary: BILL WINTER, CO-06: A Message to Latino Americans! (37 comments)

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    Bill Winter, Christopher Walker

    ... you are top tier in my book, Bill!  You speak straight and true and I can't express how much we need to hear what you have to say.

    One particular thing irks me no end about the whole "language" business.  Look at Europe, where most people speak at least two, if not three languages.  It is a crying shame that we don't do the same here in America.  We are so ignorant not to stress bilingual skills in our own educational system.  If we started in first grade, most of our kids could know at least two languages well by the time they reached high school.

    It is demeaning to our citizenry to claim that language barriers mean we should just all speak English and to hell with other languages.  It is a symptom of American leadership's arrogance and tendency to view the rest of the world as unimportant to push this ridiculous agenda.  Instead we should push to make it so that every American child can grow up learning several languages, which broadens horizons, gives new views on the world, and brings us closer together.

    And slightly off point, think of how helpful it could have been and still would be if we had more Arabic speakers.

    Anyway, I've rambled enough.  I wish you the best in your campaign and I believe in you -- America will win when you are elected to Congress!

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