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  •  A little advice (12+ / 0-)

    I know... You didn't ask for advice. But I can't help it. I'm a busybody.

    You should be putting a link to your campaign site in every post -- here and anyplace else you're posting. I clicked your username and got to your profile, and from there to your campaign site.

    The front page of your campaign site is not as informative as it ought to be. I've been to your site and I still don't know what state and what district you're running in. I know it's not mine (my congressman is Sander Levin), but I don't know who you're running against until I get to the last sentence of your post. Since I'm not familiar with his name, I still don't know where you're running.

    I don't know what you stand for either.

    You need a serious redesign on your website. Put your state and district out there. (I'm assuming from the pictures that you're some place out West, but that's about all I can tell.) And put some sort of statement of principle where readers can find it with no more than one click.

    And be specific. Not just "served my country," make it "I spent X years in the U.S. Army (Navy, Air Force) with the rank of ... in the (Vietnam? First Gulf War?) conflict, and received the (citations and medals).

    Trumpet your opponent's worst votes: "(First name) Lamborn voted to put our troops at greater risk on the battlefield and put the United States in violation of international law. Why doesn't (first name) Lamborn support our troops? Ask him -- then vote for Jay Fawcett."

    You need to sharpen up your message. Never be vague. Don't be afraid to name names and accuse.

    Just my opinion.

    •  Care to offer more constructive criticism? (0+ / 0-)

      Tony Trupiano's website is below...

      •  Sure (3+ / 0-)

        My first impression of the website is good. It's just a touch busy, which cuts its first glance impact some. But that's a minor issue.

        I think his picture should be larger (not huge, but it should be the first thing your eye is drawn to) and his expression should be a little more positive. Sincere smiles catch the eye and build positive feeling.

        The good: I knew immediately where Tony is running, and the navigation menu makes it easy to find whatever you want to know.

        The less good: Tony could be making a lot better use of his blog. One post in September? He should be putting a statement there several times a week at the very least. Every time Congress is in the news, he ought to be telling voters what he thinks about the issue. He should be talking about the Foley scandal (demanding accountability from the House leadership who covered up his problem), the Military Commissions Act (Why did Thadeus McCotter vote to put our troops at greater risk on the battlefield? Does Thadeus McCotter want to make Americans torturers?), warrantless surveillance and everything else the Congress has done for the past few weeks.

        If I was doing the site, I might edit down the bio a little. It could use a stronger focus. It ought to emphasize his "hook," that is, a very brief statement that tells why he's the one we need.

        His business background makes me think he ought to be talking fiscal responsibility up front. But strong opposition to the Iraq War, or accountability are also good "hook" issues.

        Overall: The website is easy to navigate and informative. It could have a little stronger visual impact -- but that's less important than good, strong content.

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