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  •  Well, y'all heard the Word of Tamifah-- (3+ / 0-)
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    Tamifah, khereva, Mary Mike

    now get off your butts and get to work! Even if all you can do is just talk to a few people, that's good. There are dozens of little things nearly any person can do (here's a few I do myself):

    Give somebody a ride to the polls.

    Watch a single mom's kids so she can get a chance to vote--this is big issue for many of them.

    Make up some flyers, print them up, and pass them out in a parking lot somewhere.

    Campaign door to door--ask people what the important issues are to them personally, and tell them how Democrats can help with those concerns--don't just smear Republicans.

    Many people are woefully uniformed. Enlighten them.

    As I stated above, there are many other little things we can all do--and while one person's work might not amount to much, all of us working together can be a tremendous force!

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