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View Diary: Given the Foley situation it is time to help Stover & Laesch in Illinois (5 comments)

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    Christopher Walker

    Stover has been starving this entire race, yet he's really a viable candidate.

    Some facts about this district and this race:

    IL-19 is a district with large blocks of voters in the St. Louis metro-east area. It also includes large swathes of rural farmland, a national forest, a large air force base which is responsible for all logistics and transport coordination for the entire US military, and part of the state capital, Springfield.

    This district was cobbled together to provide the downstate area with a solid Republican district, yet there are areas within it that are solidly Democratic.

    When Shimkus first ran for and was elected to this seat, he vowed to serve no more than 10 years (5 terms). After being asked by President Bush not to retire, he is now breaking this pledge. This has generated a great deal of resentment against Shimkus even among his Republican supporters.

    Shimkus is dialed into the Republican money machine in the St. Louis metro-east area from which he comes. He has been a completely ineffective congressman, sponsoring exactly ZERO bills this session. Yet inexplicably, the St. Louis metro-east Democratic establishment (i.e., the Madison County Democratic Party and others) have been largely unwilling to give Danny Stover any support.

    This guy's candidacy is literally starving for cash, in spite of his being a viable candidate!

    I really hope people will start waking up and supporting Stover.

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