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View Diary: NRCC Chairman Reynolds' Chief of Staff Tried to Stop Foley IM Messages From Being Reported (302 comments)

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  •  I fear we're being used. Again. Like Rather. (0+ / 0-)

    Clinton shows up remindiing people who watch the news for 10 minutes a day, that he wagged his finger and said something..  What was it?

    "I did not have  sex with that woman.......".   (wag, wag, wag)

    Now I don't want to kill anybody's high here,  but you have got to admit that that was a really ugly thing to say.

    I almost don't blame the guy (ok, that's a lie)

    .  I doubt that Eisenhower or Bush the First, or really, any of them, could have done any better if the press had suddenly decided to point to a fact many had suspected;;;;

    Men can be dogs.  In this society,  the more successful a man is, the more likely it is that he will be a

    But to many of our fellow citizens, the main thing they remember is Clinton wagging his shaking finger and saying, "I did not have sex with THAT woman".

    Which ya gotta admit is sorta disrespectful of young women who may, or may not, have helped him have fun and relieve all sorts of tensions.

    Another conspiracy thingy.  I was listening to Mike Wallace and Sean Hannity talking about the way Clintons thumb was "shaking".  

    Their contention is that Clinton did not "frame" this appearance.  Their contention is that he "lost control

    Then there's the sacrificial lamb, Foley.

    And then there is Bush.  

    I can not merely type about this man.

    This man is like no other.

    This is a man who could bring me up

    Just to bring me down.

    I'm all shook up.

    "Yes dear. Conspiracy theories really do come true." (tuck, tuck)

    by tribalecho on Mon Oct 02, 2006 at 10:15:16 PM PDT

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