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View Diary: Why hasn't Dem Leadership Stripped Lieberman's Seniority? (39 comments)

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    the fact that he's a fucking traitor! WTF is the matter with Harry Reid? He has been suffering the presence of LIEberman ever since the end of the CT Dem primary. Joe is running against the official Dem candidate for U.S. Senate from CT. Why doesn't Harry just send the damned minutes from his caucus meetings directly to the fucking White House?

    This situation has me absolutely furious! My most important priority right now is a Democratic Congress. Next in line is a reform of the Democratic Congressional Leadership. Pelosi and Reid have a lot to answer for. LIEberman will disappoint us some more in the future.  He is our enemy, not our friend. Quite frankly, I think Joe is potentially more dangerous to us than a sex criminal in our midst.

    It is very discouraging for netroots workers to be busting our asses out here for our Party and then seeing our national leaders in Washington consorting with traitors like Joe LIEberman.

    The friend of my enemy is my enemy. Dump Chafee in '06.

    by jayatRI on Tue Oct 03, 2006 at 03:18:25 PM PDT

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