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View Diary: Dennis Hastert Says Foley Victims Are "Out To Get Him", Against War on Terror (390 comments)

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  •  Two problems, Two solutions (1+ / 0-)
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    Problem One: Educated Soccer Mom Republicans running, not walking, to the door.

    We had no idea he was a molester. We knew he was a single man, but we didn't know he was gay, didn't want to be guilty of gay-bashing, and of course being gay doesn't make you a molester anyway.

    We knew about the e-mails, but not those horrible IMs. We didn't know there was this dark side to Foley. He seemed to want to protect children, as all Republicans do. And we thought his emails, while inappropriate, were simply the unfortunate act of a somewhat lonely man who liked teenagers but unluckily never had children of his own.

    Problem Two: Knuckle-dragging, meat-eating mouth-breathers going after Hastert with hatchet.

    The Democrat Party supports Gays. There would be no Gays except for the Democrat Party. Foley was set up the Democrat Party so that Pelosi and the San Francisco Gays could take over the House and make all the pages, not just one, live out the gay lifestyle. It IS all Bill Clinton's fault. He supported Gays in the military, gay marriage, and gay recruitment of teenagers in sex education class.

    That's where they're going with this.

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