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View Diary: Dennis Hastert Says Foley Victims Are "Out To Get Him", Against War on Terror (390 comments)

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    A Republican member of Congress made sexual advances toward a child. Given what I've been reading and hearing, we need to blame the following for this:

    1. The child
    1. The Democratic Party
    1. "Liberals"
    1. Bill Clinton
    1. Hillary Clinton
    1. Chelsea Clinton
    1. Michael Moore
    1. Barbra Streisand
    1. Gay people
    1. Tolerance
    1. Diversity
    1. The ACLU
    1. The NAACP
    1. Hollywood
    1. George Clooney
    1. Scientists who believe in Evolution
    1. Scientists who believe in Global Warming
    1. Scientists who believe in Gravity
    1. Jimmy Carter
    1. Martin Sheen
    1. Boston
    1. Massachusetts
    1. Boston, Massachusetts
    1. John Kerry
    1. Paul Krugman
    1. College professors
    1. Molly Ivins
    1. Environmentalists
    1. Cindy Sheehan
    1. Nancy Pelosi

    I think Mark Foley is somewhere around #85.

    The Republican Party: Keeping America Fact-Free Since 2001

    by IndyScott on Tue Oct 03, 2006 at 02:04:04 PM PDT

    •  I think you should add (0+ / 0-)

      unions and Social Security.

      "He keeps saying 'sacrifice' and the 'war on terror,' and you turn around and he's in a field of poppies with Lance Armstrong." --Jon Stewart

      by laurenpatrizi on Tue Oct 03, 2006 at 02:14:03 PM PDT

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