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  •  the internet is key though (2+ / 0-)
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    Sharon in MD, orphanpower

    the internet has a solid 18 age limit -- regardless of age of consent in one's state -- it's a federal crime to solicit sex from anyone under 18 by means of the internet -- not to mention, the various juridsictional problems - his communications were in multiple states.

    this guy is in serious trouble and i urge everyone not to buy into this whole idea that he's not a pedophile -- he is, period!

    he could have faked it, and married a sympathetic woman (there are many), or he could have lived a quiet life with a partner, or hell, even get male hookers if he needed to... but he did not do those things, instead he chose to prey upon CHILDREN, children he had authority and power over, knowing that those would be the easiest to get to AND more guarantee that they would NOT TELL!

    a jaded lover or hooker would have destroyed him -- he used children because he didn't expect them to tell -- that is VERY important to the mind of a sexual predator.

    by chiefsjen on Tue Oct 03, 2006 at 04:37:13 PM PDT

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