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  •  So Matthews said it then (1+ / 0-)
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    Matthews mentioned that Foley went to Cardinal Newman High.  A fairly large Catholic prep school, it was the only Catholic high school in West Palm Beach back when Foley was a high school kid (figure something around 1968-1972, give or take a year).  Now I guess there's also one in Boca Raton (30 miles to the south) and one in Ft. Pierce (60 miles to the north).  But in Foley's day, it would have been Newman.

    However, I think Matthews could be completely wrong on where Foley went to high school.  Info at says Foley graduated from Lake Worth High - and frankly, that seems more real to me.  

    I say that because, like Foley, I grew up in this area and, like Foley, my family is Catholic and, like most people I knew who were also Catholic, I didn't go to Newman. We were poor, Newman was expensive -- and something tells me Foley was in the same boat.  Plus, he did a couple of years at Palm Beach Junior College (which is what it was called when he was there) - no additional college after that, and Newman is a prep school. Maybe he did a drop-by at Newman,  a year or maybe two, but if he'd done the full four and graduated from there, eventually he would have found his way to a 4-year college and a bachelor's degree.  Heck, even I did that.  But he never did.

    Anyway, the Diocese of Palm Beach is still small -- today it's about 250,000 Catholics in a five-county area (Indian River, St. Lucie, Martin, Okeechobee and Palm Beach counties) that has a population of about 1.8 million.  But 35 years ago?  Even smaller.

    Not sure where he did his K-8 years, or which was his parish, (Sacred Heart most likely, but maybe St. Luke's - most of the others in his area are too new) but if it was in Lake Worth or anywhere else in Palm Beach County, figuring out who Foley's abuser was won't be a difficult task for whoever it is sees fit to do that.  Because today there's about 150 priests in the various parishes of the Diocese.  But 35 years ago?  Even fewer.

    Finally, can I just say, circumstances and pedophilia aside...I am thrilled and happy-dancing over this complete turd vacating this seat, leaving a clear path to having a DEMOCRAT representing my home town in the U.S. Congress.  South Florida's Dems finally catch a break. Amen to that.

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