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  •  I have to agree: where's the fire? (3+ / 0-)
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    By your title, "Be warned: Now they're coming after your lab tests," I thought my lab test results were going straight to the NSA database of potential terrorist DNA. You mean the capitalists have invaded health care. Not exactly news. Doesn't make it a good thing; I see daily the a bit of the conflict of interest of for-profit healthcare. I'm a therapist in a nursing home/rehab. I thought we were there to help people get home quickly, improving their lives and saving the insurers money. But often the rehab company seems to see their mission as grabbing hold of the patients and not letting go until they've squeezed the last penny out of them. In weekly department meetings my boss asks about many patients, "Can we extend this person?" (extend their length-of-stay). Makes me sick. BUT while I think the for-profit healthcare system is harming America and must go, and I agree with the gist of your diary, I object to your alarmist-sounding headline.

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