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    Lab Corp's local reputation as an employer was that it was where new lab techs went to get some experience before they found a job with better hours, better pay and better working conditions.

    One of my biggest annoyances with Lab Corp was that I worked for a children's hospital laboratory.  I saw so many test results that I had memorized the normal ranges on common tests.  We sent a urine sample for culture for my six month old to Lab Corp.  The results came back "positive" - which meant a course of antibiotics and hoping there was no kidney infection.  When I actually read the lab report, I saw that what Lab Corp called "positive", the children's lab would have called "negative, less than XXX CFU".  If we had sent the testing to the children's lab(not covered by insurance) then my son would have had a negative test result and no antibiotics.  Even my pediatrician was doubtful but we decided on the antibiotics because UTIs in infants are more likely to cause kidney damage than in older children.  

    I worked for children's hospital lab.  I trust that lab.  I recommend that lab, especially for blood draws.  

    We must never lose it, or sell it, or give it away. We must never let them take it from us.

    by Fabian on Wed Oct 04, 2006 at 05:38:27 AM PDT

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