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View Diary: GOP Leadership Meltdown: Boehner, Reynolds Can't Keep Story Straight (173 comments)

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  •  Jack Davis, Dem opposition to Reynolds (9+ / 0-)

    Jack Davis is a very strong labor Dem running against Tom Reynolds in NY 26th.

    Reynolds is so slimy and I think is #1 who should resign because no matter what Hastert did, he had a responsibility to follow up on that, period.

    Please help Jack Davis take back the 26th.  The area has been hit hard, as many, many areas have been, by bad trade agreements and thus manufacturing going overseas.  That is one of his biggest issues to stop the current trade policy insanity.

    by BobOak on Tue Oct 03, 2006 at 07:27:34 PM PDT

    •  Just show that press conference over and over (7+ / 0-)

      Seriously, how could anyone be so tone deaf as to have a presser about a sexual predator and why you didn't stop him, surrounded by angelic looking little girls?!!  Jesus, talk about NOT changing the subject.  Davis just needs to edit that presser down to get the most uncomfortable moments ("I reported to my supervisor" particularly sounded like Reynolds works on a loading dock or something) and play it over and over.

      •  no kidding (1+ / 0-)
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        I know going into this the polls had the race at a dead heat and Reynolds has way more $$.

        (of course they all do, they are bought and paid for!)

        but, a dead heat in a very conservative, gerrymandered district tells you just how disgusted NY 26 already is.

        Davis from what I can tell, is a real "outsider" who has been working on this for while...he really is a patriot who wants to do something for working America before it's too late.

        He'd be great in the house.

        by BobOak on Tue Oct 03, 2006 at 07:45:25 PM PDT

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        •  Gerrymandering (0+ / 0-)

          Could someone please tell me how they get away with all the gerrymandering that is mentioned here and quite frequently on other posts on DKos?  I vaguely recall discussions of it in the high school history textbooks I used in the 1960's and remember a political cartoon graphic of a gerrymandered district shaped like an animal (was it a fox?). But if my senility-addled mind recalls correctly, it was a discussion of it being controversial and illegal.

          Would someone be so kind as to explain how it has become so prevelant?

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