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  •  I try to understand how they can be so (3+ / 0-)
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    delusional. How they can be so utterly wrong-headed, blind to reality, how they can all just keep pushing the same utter crap--scenarios that have absolutely no basis in any reality at all.

    And then the bitter realization returns and overwhelms me again: THEY DON'T BELIEVE ANY OF IT!!!"

    We have got to understand when we talk about "reality,"  the Republicans are just as aware as we are of what is going on.

    BUT they want to hold onto power--and we can see now that they will do and say anything with total conviction to retain that power.

    They have no honor at all--lying cheatin' stealin' are so second nature to them that they do not truly understand what the big deal is. This is the heart of what people like us can not  wrap our reality-based little brains around.

    We think you should stand behind your convictions--that if you decry lyin' cheatin' stealin' and wail that your every legislative action is "for the children," then that's who you should be in the real world. These folks don't see what the problem is when you have to betray your convictions to get things done.


    My head has whipped around in so many times in a double take since November of 2000 that I could probably do that scene from The Exorcist without the need of special effects. I cry everyday for the incomprehensible damage they do to our beloved country.

    I don't want to be a bitter old bitch. I never wanted a heart full of hate. But this "plan for a victory celebration" is beyond the pale.

    They can't find an extra $10m to fund brain-injury research, but have $20 m for a party that can only be a wake. They prove it to me everyday: I CANNOT BE CYNICAL ENOUGH.

    •  A party that can only be a wake. (0+ / 0-)

      Funded by the Pentagon budget.  A celebration, instead of  body armour, helmet liners, Veterans health care. It's so sad.

      Republicans, the party party.

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