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View Diary: Hastert, Others Informed Two Years Ago (217 comments)

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  •  breaking... (6+ / 0-)

    cnn is now saying THREE years ago!

    THREE fucking years!

    by chiefsjen on Wed Oct 04, 2006 at 02:08:18 PM PDT

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    •  AP too (2+ / 0-)
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      saucy monkey, greenearth

      Originally their story said two years ago. Now AP (updated Oct 4 at 5:17PM EST) says:

      WASHINGTON (AP) -- A senior congressional aide said Wednesday he told House Speaker Dennis Hastert's office about worrisome conduct by Rep. Mark Foley toward teenage pages more than three years ago, long before officials have acknowledged becoming aware of the issue.

      Kirk Fordham made his comments to The Associated Press in an interview as a Kentucky Republican canceled a campaign fundraising event with Hastert. Rep. Ron Lewis said he wants to know the facts behind a scandal that has roiled Republicans since last week.

    •  If the Mainstream Media needed an excuse to flip (1+ / 0-)
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      then they REALLY got it in this story.

      Maybe just maybe this story is the straw to break the camel's back and corporate heads will put the word out to jump on the Democratic Congress bandwagon.

      At SOME point the powers that be have to throw in the towel on the Republican leadership.

      If the Mainstream Media flips now, it will be TOTAL CARNAGE on election day. The America's Funniest Home Video demographic will turn nasty and vote out Republicans in droves.

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