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  •  Power indeed (0+ / 0-)

    Let me stipulate that the difference between republicans and Democrats is this, they are about exercising power to control people, we are about using power to improve and help people.

    I further stipulate that this is most true of the religious nutjobs.  Look at their rhetoric, Jesus, King of Kings, Submit to His Will, His Dominion, yada yada, it's all about power with these nutjobs, nothing else.  If you're not the top dog, at least you can be top dog over somebody, Iraq, Democrats, Pages, Women (always a favorite among the fundies), being a representative of, read that as lord of, 600,000 people or so, whatever the form it takes.  Just look at bush and cheney.  They're so delusional in their beliefs because they think they're the closest to GOD of anybody, and how dare you speak to the Dominion Masters that way, puny humans?

    Just look at the facts of their behavior, and tell me otherwise.  And square that with their hyperbolic rhetoric that they're all about pulling yourself up by the bootstraps, which if they meant it would be domonstrated in Iraq.  

    Given that, how could you vote for a republican who just wants to enrich him/her/itself at your expense, then tell you what you can or cannot do while they try to do whatever they please, with your money, amongst others, to boot.

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