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    I had no idea.  This is fantastic news.  

    There have also been moves in other industries, though I don't know if they are as well organized.  Concrete producers (ready mix companies) have in the past few years been switching over to mix designs that substitute up to 50% of portland cement with fly ash and rice hull ash: waste products that, when used properly, have all the strength of portland cement.  

    By reducing portland cement content, they eliminate the CO2 output associated with the manufacture thereof.  And as it turns out, what's good for sustainability is also good business: using these alternative cementitious materials saves money for the concrete producers and for the building contractors.  The economics in and of themselves are sufficient to cause this practice to spread throughout the industry.  

    As a generalization, we have all the engineering capability needed to save us from a climate catastrophe, or at least to reduce its intensity and duration.  What we need is the political will.  ASHRAE has just set an example.  This diary deserves to be front-paged, to show everyone that solutions are underway and must be supported.  

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      I might suggest that you link information about the efforts of the concrete industry either here, or in a diary chronicling what they are doing.  It sounds like you have some expertise in that field.

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