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View Diary: BREAKING: Another GOP scandal brings CA 52nd into play (271 comments)

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  •  my conclusions (0n what is here): TAX FRAUD (3+ / 0-)
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    Benjaminwise, LNK, Hannibal

    1) Property Taxes Wrong - likely added sq footage to his home and did not report it.
    2) Cheated on Utility Bills - Water/Sewer/Garbage bills based on square footage of home wrong if Sq Footage is wrong.
    3) Cheated on School Bond Taxes - If property tax base is wrong, the school bond taxes will be too low.
    4) Cheated on Park & Recreation District Taxes (if any) - If property tax base is wrong, the Park & Recreation District taxes will be too low.
    5) Cheated on Fire District Taxes (if any) - If property tax base is wrong, the Fire District taxes will be too low.
    6) Cheated on Special District Taxes (if any) - If property tax base is wrong, the Special District taxes will be too low.

    How much tax did he not pay?  If the additional square footage was added in 1997 (when he barrowed $250,000 against his equity), then about $3500+ a year in taxes was not paid for 10 years (increasing every year), plus penalties and interest.  Rough Estimate: Cheated on about $50,000 on his taxes. I think the voters will understand that.  Steal a piece of pizza, under three strikes, and you can go to jail for life in CA.  Steal a lot, and you get elected to Congress.  (My editorial comment).

    No proof here yet but the San Diego District Attorney, San Diego Grand Jury and CA Attorney General should all be asked, in writing,  to investigate, (this is a prominent elected official after all).

    Background from the tax records of San Diego County:
    ALPINE CA 91901
    Assessor Parcel Number
    One Correction from posts above: He seem to have bought it from a lender, who bought I from the RTC for the same amount of money – so why would a lender (Sears Mortgage) in this case buy a property only to lose money 1 month later.  That is a very fast resale so the buyer had to be in the deal before the RTC sold (my analysis).
    Other details:
    Mr. Hunter has refinanced/barrowed against this property 5 times since 1994 (not uncommon) starting with $161,600 in debt and as of 7/5/2006 $650,000. If 6000 sq ft, the current value (at about $300+ a sq ft) would be nearly 2 million (not bad on a $15,000 initial investment).

    How do you know a Republican is lying? Ask one: If the Republicans can lower gas prices for 60 days before an election, why won't they do it all the time?

    by ca democrat on Sun Oct 08, 2006 at 05:22:07 PM PDT

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