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  •  There's a huge difference between (1+ / 0-)
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    newspapers and TV/radio.

    Newspapers can add pages any time they want. If I want to buy 5 pages of ads, and the paper doesn't have that much space, they can just add 5 pages. Everybody else gets their space, and I get mine. No loss to them, just gain for me.

    But you can't add time to the day. If there's 10 hrs of ad time per day, and I buy up all 10 hrs, there is no way somebody else can advertise that day. Not just political ads - they can't put up ANY more ads. The station doesn't care, they have their money. But the other advertisers care, they can't get their message out. They have had THEIR free speech blocked.

    This is why there needs to be a limit on the amount of ad time you can buy in one day. I don't care if they want to buy 1/2 hr of time every day for the next year. I do care if they want to buy all the time, every day, for the next month.

    And so should you.

    •  Is there any evidence whatever (0+ / 0-)

      that someone wanted to buy a TV ad and could not because all ad spaces were sold?!  I haven't seen it.

      All I have seen is people being unable to AFFORD the ad.  Quite different.

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