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  •  My fashion nightmare (1+ / 0-)
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    I know, minor to some, but I'm ultrageeky about it. I stopped buying blue shoes just so I'd never make that awful mistake again!

    I love your analogy, mmacd!

    •  I have the same nightmare (1+ / 0-)
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      and I've done almost that - different shoes, but both black. They weren't even the same heel (close, but not the same). I walked around slightly crippled all day, because one leg was effectively shorter than the other.

      I have one pair of navy shoes. I keep them together in the shoe rack, if I wear them (which is seldom) I make sure to take them off and put them IMMEDIATELY back (as opposed to kicking them into the bedroom) just so I don't mix them up with the similar black shoes.

      And of course, a shoe (or sock) mixup always happens on the day when you're trying to be oh so sophisticated and pulled-together...

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