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  •  Nobody really knows how many there are. (6+ / 0-)
    Depending on who you talk to, this could be anywhere from one in 150 to one in thirty to one in ten people--a lot of this stuff is rampant in the pente and neopente movements (most particularly in the Assemblies of God and the various neopente denominations and "Charistmatic" independent neopente churches descended from them).

    Getting hard figures on this is very difficult for several reasons:

    a) A fair amount of this is being promoted in independent megachurches (like Rod Parsley's World Harvest Church or Ted Haggard's New Life Church) that have no denominational affiliation and essentially act as one-church denominations.  (Increasingly, this is a big part of the pente dominionist movement.)

    b) Some of this goes on within "cell churches" in mainstream congregations that have been seeded by the dominionist groups (IRD-linked "Church Renewal" groups and "charismatic Baptists" and "charismatic Catholics" in particular would fall in this category).

    c) Much of this has to do with a particular subset of pentecostal belief termed "dominion theology" or "Third Wave pentecostalism" that absolutely no reliable statistics exist on (as far as, say, percentages of pentecostal churches that espouse "Third Wave" stuff).

    Now, as to the denomination I escaped from (the Assemblies of God), it's presently the largest pente denomination worldwide (with around 3 million members in the US alone and around 50 million members worldwide); especially in the 1980's and 1990's, the Assemblies pretty much officially espoused Third Wave stuff as a "genuine move of the Holy Spirit" and the head of the World Conference of the Assemblies of God (Paul Yonggi Cho, who also runs the world's largest megachurch in South Korea with nearly 800,000 people in that church alone) was in fact largely the person who invented Third Wave Madness.  (I'm going to be doing a series on him all next week.)

    The Assemblies have also been one of the earliest groups involved in dominionism, having essentially invented the theology internally and working since at least the 1950s (and if you count Aimee Semple McPherson, earlier than that--around the 1920s) to set up a dominionist theocracy.  (During the Cold War and before World War II they largely sold dominionism as an explicitly anti-Communist movement.)

    So, to be honest--on the minimum end it could be upwards of around 5 million people in the US alone (if you count the Assemblies and all the big neopente groups like Vineyard or Foursquare that have also explicitly endorsed "Third Wave" stuff on a denomination-wide level, as well as the big megachurches) and possibly as many as 30 million (if you count all the other sources promoting this).

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