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View Diary: BREAKING: Poll - South strongly turning against Iraq war (313 comments)

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    Southern reading jokes? William Faulkner, anybody? What people in other regions don't understand about the South is that since the Civl War/Reconstruction Southerners have felt a need to prove their "Americanness" to the rest of the country. This has often manifested itself in hyperpatriotism, with some exceptions like duirng WWI. If this poll is accurate it is devistating for Bush, the Iraq War and for Republicans. What "Chap" said is accurate, Democrats have a real opportunity, I believe, this year and going into 2008. Its a real opportunity to reverse the trend of the past 40 years. Democrats have a chance to once again capture a significant portion of middle and working class white Southern voters-if they are smart and, most importantly, honest and sincere. I truly believe if honesty and sincerity are demonstrated consistently it will reap rewards. Democrats MUST avoid the appearance of insulting peoples values and sources of identity and concentrate "like a laser beam" on the issues that matter--IRAQ and the ECONOMY. I know in the South there is real unease about both. The media never stop talking about the Dow going up, but in most of middle and working class America (including the South) real wages are going down and people know they could lose their job at anytime. Its time for Democrats to get real and focus on the real issues. Republicans in the South have not been this vulnerable in the last 40 years. Get at 'em!    

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