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  •  I disagree... (8+ / 0-)

    ...Google News would be useless if all it sourced was the same five conglomerates that now control the flow of information in the "mainstream" media, i.e., TV, radio and large circulation periodicals.  I don't want Google to filter out content simply because mainstreamers and wannabe mainstreamers don't want to see it.  I want to see it all and decide for myself what's crap and what's not.

    Also, I find the above article ironic in that it does not cite one example of Google News' supposed uselessness.  Some of the best writing in the blogosphere is on blogs you've never heard of, and good on Google for giving those folks a bigger voice.  

    •  Google News Alerts (0+ / 0-)

      I've had the same Google news alert for a year or more. I used to get useful results. Now I get mainly right-wing websites and blogs, and I'm mostly wasting my time. I'm not getting left or middle blog or alternative sources, just right. When it's a name I recognize, say, RedState, then I can just ignore it, but many are vaguely or deceptively (from my perspective!) named, and I read 2 or 3 paragraphs before realizing it bears no resemblance to news.

      As someone suggested, I think I'll try a Yahoo news alert, although I associate using a lot of Yahoo with getting a lot of spam.

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