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    LeftHandedMan, epppie

    I voluntarily asked for Daily Kos to be removed from Google News since it was returning results from this site that quite frankly weren't up to the sort of standards I expect out of a service offering up credible news.

    I asked them to include Daily Kos a long time ago, because I was sick of seeing all the nutty right-wing sites pop up. I never saw them actually include it, though, so if they did, I missed it. In fact, a search for Daily Kos on Google News would typically turn up a post or three from Red State and friends slamming Daily Kos, and little else. I hoped that if they included at least a few decent left-wing blogs, it might help counter out all the right-wing hate and misinformation that they index. But oh well...

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      pb, Xan, bree

      frequently see the diary of the moment flit through the list of posted news stories. And frequently not the best of the diaries on a topic, it was a democratic whatever-had-just-been-submitted selection. So I can understand why Markos asked to be removed.

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