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  •  Reilly would not have been a harder candidate to (0+ / 0-)


    Reilly started out as the fore-ordained winner of the nomination, and then committed a stupid so bad he could only defend it on grounds of "lack of political skills." (Endorsed a Lt. Gov. candidate who, the day after the announcement, was exposed as having significant legal/tax problems. And Reilly had received a report that would have told him that, but apparently nobody read it.)

    Chris Gabrieli was the candidate Healey was afraid of. She ran smear ads against him, too.

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      Healey would have taken Gabs down, on account of how MUCH he owes the legislature...Gabrieli made deals with the devil, and that woulda been the end of him. He was the least credible in having independence from the lege, which is of course what the Repubs run on EVERY time.

      Now, if Chris had jumped in the race way back and actually did his homework instead of thinking he could buy/deal his way in, I might have been more impressed.

      I'm still a little pissed at him though, because he used his cold hard cash to INUNDATE people with robocalls just before the primary...which caused many people I spoke to (for Deval) to say they just weren't even going to vote. Yeah. Way to support democracy. Depress the turnout. People were very, very annoyed.

      I'll give Gabs some cred though, he REALLY jumped on board post-haste the instant it became apparent he lost, and is doing his all for Patrick. His supporters, the few of them there were volunteering in my area, also did the same and have been real helpful in our voter ID post-primary.

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