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  •  Thanks, Indy (0+ / 0-)

    Everyone here is just a little ouchy from an incident that preceded your diary, and understandably so. That being said, we are all sort of pioneering the cyberworld and this community, and therefore still groping our way, in terms of boundaries, trust, accountability, charity, and support. I'm sorry that your trauma got caught in the fray of all of this, and I do hope that your friend is healing.

    •  speak for yourself (1+ / 0-)
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      I'm not new.  I have $400 phone bills going back to 1987 to prove it.  

      neither the mall information desk nor their on duty guard knows anything, and when I called the supervisor he knew of no event either on the mall property or any of the surrounding properties.

      Any other leads?  How about the case number?  

      Most people are idiots... But don't tell them. It'll spoil all the fun for those of us who aren't.

      by d3n4l1 on Sat Oct 14, 2006 at 04:22:32 PM PDT

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      •  Uh, no one said you were new. n/t (0+ / 0-)
      •  Dude.... (2+ / 0-)
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        gpm, callmecassandra

        some people are simply never going to believe this.  It became evident when I posted that I called the police and the Indy tried to change the mall/county it happened in, which is in and of itself ridiculous, yet people still refused to believe they had been exposed.

        My guess is that the people still holding on probably heaped a mighty amount of sympathy on that other thread and now feel a little silly.  I would feel exposed.  That is why I checked it out.

        Sunday and still not a word out of any media.... some people will probably argue that this is a cover up.  Reality is mighty subjective and resistance to a lot of people is futile.  Let nancelot go on about her/his way.  It seems anyone that gullable probably needs some friendly thoughts as well.

      •  dude..... (0+ / 0-)

        check out nancelots email before you write anything else.  Its obvious at this point that indy and nancelot are very likely the same people.

    •  yeah... (1+ / 0-)
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      you are really convinced that this happened.  It did not happen.  I agree that Indy needs support but not one this place can offer.  Indy is a very lonely person.  I think continually posting things like you are posting is ignoring reality and not helping feed the beast.  

      •  Can you NOT read? (0+ / 1-)
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        You are responding to a post I made over 24 hours ago--the morning after her diary--when very few comments had been generated re: a hoax. Any other comments I made after that are clearly NOT in support of her, but rather an effort to quell hysteria on this blog.

        If you think it is a hoax, fine. It very likely is. But I am offended and sickened by your behavior. You have distorted the meaning of my comments, and you have disparaged my name here. You are extremely out of line by repeatedly posting my name and email address all over the place, in your hell-bent effort to be a super sleuth.

        At this point, I am of the opinion that you are far more dangerous than the person you are trying to out.

        Leave me alone and leave my name out of this. Do you understand?

        •  I only posted info... (0+ / 0-)

          that can be acquired by clicking on your username.  I posted it only to threads where it was pertinent information.  There were others that went way further with it all but I didnt.  

          Seriously though you realize you can make your email private right?  I think its just a button you click in your profile page.  

          •  Let me be clear, (0+ / 0-)

            I am perfectly aware of how to place, edit, or delete, my email from my profile. It is there because I trust that most Dkos users have enough decency, sanity, and intellect to use it appropriately. You seem to qualify in none of those categories, as you are the only one bandying my name and info about, so don't blame others for the accusations you made. You ignored or distorted important chronology and meaning from my comments, and you persisted in your wild, confirmatory bias, without even checking my very long history through the archives. If you had abandoned your hysteria for a brief moment to simply use Google, you would find that the term "indy" gets about 26 MILLION hits, thus making it about as rare as the term "dem". You are the proverbial fool who gets his hands on a hammer and thinks everything's a nail.

            Stop harassing me.

            •  again... (1+ / 0-)
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              I never typed anything into a google search.  Many on here did.  I didnt.  It was pertinent info that was related to the thread and the topic being discussed.  I think even Markos would find it interesting that you just happen to have that email address.

              So is it really just a coincidence?  It doesnt really matter.  You are the one that wont leave this alone.  You came to my diary and continue to post in it.  As the author I think I have the right to defend myself against false claims of harrassment.  I am not chasing you to other threads or any of that so your harrassment claim is foolish.  If you want to be left alone leave me alone.  It seems you want attention.

        •  also. (1+ / 0-)
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          Not to be mean or be over the top but is it really just a coincidence?  At the very least you have to admit that it is one hell of a coincidence if it truly is one.

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