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  •  you think the local police in a town... (1+ / 0-)
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    Busted Flat in Baton Rouge

    of 20,000 people not having any clue about a beating that put a women in the ICU is not compelling evidence to say it didnt happen.  Thats is actually admirable.  Seriously.  I cant take issue with someone having a burden of proof set that high..

    Just wondering what will it take?  Also where did your brothers attack take place?  I know in birmingham it probably wouldnt make the paper if it was a younger male unless they were in the ICU but I think if it was a middle aged lady by herself in a mall parking lot it would probably even make the birmingham news... which has neighborhoods larger than the county.

    •  Ypsilanti (3+ / 0-)
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      Helen in MD, nancelot, gpm

      My brother's attack took place in Ypsilanti, MI (one town over from Ann Arbor, basically).

      I actually said in my comment what it would take.  If there's still no positive evidence of the attack in a few days, that would be compelling evidence to me that it didn't happen.  Knowing how the flow of information happened in my brother's situation, I don't find it implausible that you could be seeing and hearing what you're seeing and hearing, and yet still have the story be true.  Weird stuff happens in the first day or so after something like this.  Sometimes it really does take a couple of days for it to filter out.  I also don't think that the fact that the police dispatcher told you what she told you means that the police, in general, don't know about it.  And, by that, I am definitely not insinuating a cover-up of any kind.  I think there are any number of possibilities to explain why a dispatcher would either not know what you were talking about, not immediately recognize what you were talking about, or not be inclined to give out the information if she did know or recognize what you were talking about.  No nefarious intent required or assumed.  Just the way information travels.

      BTW, I grew up in an extremely small, rural community, and we had murders that didn't get into the news for days.  It seems strange, but it does happen.

      Again, I have no opinion on this particular situation, one way or the other.  Nor am I leaning one way or the other.  I'm just throwing in my anecdotal experience.  If the story is true, I'm sure we'll hear about it in the coming days.  If not, then not.  I'm guessing our intrepid investigators will stay on it.

      •  good enough. (1+ / 0-)
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        I really do like you sticking by your guns.  If I am ever charged of a crime I am requesting you be on the jury.

        A few thoughts though.  Even as recent as 5-6 years ago there were drastically fewer avenues for information to flow through... so to compare the local newspaper of 15-20 years ago or more is not really comparing the same things.  News flows a lot quicker now with cell phones and the internet.  The runaway bride story is a great example.  A decade ago that probably doesnt make national headlines because everyone is not forwarding it through emails and posting it on websites... then again cnn is in atlanta so mabey it does.  A guy who chose to go at Everest alone and ended up running out of O2 and dying made the local birmingham news within a few days.  But I think you get the jist.

        I also think there is something to be said about the fact that this was a middle aged women being beat by a group of young men.

        Again stick to your guns though.  I like that sort of attitude for sure.  You are a defense attorneys wet dream.

        •  Sticking to my guns (3+ / 0-)
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          nancelot, coloradobl, buddabelly

          I'm not just sticking to my guns for the sake of sticking to my guns.  I'm no Dubya.

          I am merely drawing from my own experience, and my own experience tells me that what many are assuming is impossible is, in fact, possible.  In fact, many of the very behaviors that people are pointing to as evidence that Indy must be lying are the very same behaviors that I exhibited in that situation.  I posted a diary to Daily Kos much like Indy's diary before I left to drive to Ann Arbor to be with my family because this place has become as much my home as my physical space.  What little information I had was sketchy and contradictory (which continued to be the case for weeks while accounts of what really happened were sorted out).  During the days we camped out in the Surgical ICU waiting room, I snuck down to the medical library to post updates and read Daily Kos because it was a touchstone of sanity for me.  And during those times online, I searched and searched for some mention of the attack in the news, and never found any.  It was a very confusing and muddled time for me.

          I simply cannot rule out as impossible that which I know to be possible, even though it be improbable.  It will take more evidence than we currently have for me to say, this is no longer in the realm of the possible.  And there is certainly nothing hinging on my ability to make A Decision on this right now.  If there is no harm in my waiting a few days to make A Decision, then I can't see why I should not wait to satisfy my own need for stronger evidence in the face of my experience.

          •  Sorry... (1+ / 0-)
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            if that comment came across as it seems to have.  It wasnt meant as a passive agressive statement on your position.  I really do think you have a good point.  

            Very few things can be proved 100% incorrect or correct and the situation given is a plausible situation.  

            Thats why there are many more scientific theories than there are laws...  I can tell you are wise and I have nothing but love for your position.  Sorry if the "sticking to your guns" part came across as a backhanded comment.  

      •  Thanks HPE (1+ / 0-)
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        As a therapist who has frequently worked with victims in a small town and a huge city, I can say without reservation that some things don't get on the news--even if you want it to. Also, there are often jurisdictional issues: county/city/state, etc. I agree with everything you said.

    •  Actually, let me clarify (0+ / 0-)

      I should not have used the word "compelling."  The evidence is, of course, compelling.  What I should have said is that I don't yet find it conclusive.

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