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  •  but if it is made up.... (1+ / 0-)
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    who is villifying you?  If there are plenty of real examples use them.  But to use a totally fabricated one to defend your point is ridiculous.  Thats like me saying people hate me because I wear brown shoes... then telling you a story about people that beat me up because of brown shoes.... then me conceding that the story was bullshit.... then saying it could have been true... then you agreeing with me that people hate me because of my brown shoes.

    but because the situation, real or imagined, was a stark reminder that we liberals continue to be vilified, demonized, and bullied at every turn. I'm sure we all fear that something like this really could happen to one of us, because of the wonderful climate of Americans vs. Americans that Our Dear Uniter has created for us.

    •  Ummm...I think I just did. (0+ / 0-)

      although I haven't been threatened or beaten up, I've gotten nasty comments and middle fingers out the window on the road because of my pro-Democratic bumperstickers.

      If you want to hear more vilifying and stirring up the hate base, you need only to tune into Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Mike Savage, or any other (very much-worshipped) media personality who has on more than one occasion, defended and even encouraged demeaning behavior and even violence against liberals.

    •  If you ask journalists who pursue local news (0+ / 0-)

      wonder if they will not confirm that getting news that used to be public information has become almost impossible.  I read an article about the how "The Patriot Act" has changed everything and by refusing to reveal information, it reduces staff costs etc.

      Wish I could remember where I read the article but I sure don't.  But as I recalled the article covered events very similar to this one in discussion.  Newspapers used to report car accidents, neighbor conflicts, stabbings, etc and those were the kinds of events that are not being reported because law enforcement can now claim right to confidentiality.

      It is for this reason that I would hesitate to decide one way or the other about the voracity of this case.  And who and when IC units allow those beyond family members into visit is up in the air also.  My husband in presently in a Medical Intensive Unit and was admitted there on Sat. AM.  He was transported by ambulance, red light and siren to an area medical center, one of the major med centers here.  I have been very surprised at the visiting hours - 8:30AM-7:30PM, 9:00PM-11:00PM and there is a family waiting room in which family members can spend the night.  No sleeping in patient rooms.  I add all this to say that they don't define family members but ask that family members designate a spokesperson and that is the person with whom the hospital staff will interact and answer questions.

      This is Kansas and their policies might vary from Georgia but I know my husband's favorite cousin has   been able to get the staff to take a phone to Hub's room so that she could talk to him yesterday, of course, she told them she was his sister.  So I don't ask for a phone to tbe taken because I can drive up.  He can ask his nurse to bring a cell phone (may be satilite phone, so he can call me)

      This information may have no bearing on this situation but I thought it offers another aspect with which to make a comparison.

      Since there isn't one particular definition for us liberals I would encourage all to be very careful about say, "we liberals are OR supposed to be" because it is going to be a inaccurate.  We vary across the spectrum and tend to make decisions based on our personal experiences in life just like folks on the other side or maybe what kind of doctrination one might have been spoon fed since youth.  And the later part of the statement might have more to do with the last generation and it may or may not apply more to the rightwing Christian movement.  I believe it does but that is just my experience.

      Until and unless a family member steps forward to validate or prove this story false, I don't see how anyone can decide one way or another.  And I fail to see what validity it has for our political purposes right now on dkos.  It might distract discussion from the important races that need our support to win in Nov. and it might work to split the dkos participants to one side or another but it is not going to develop into a national movement (or int'l, sorry left out part of our population)to move the country one way or another at this point in time.

      So instead of haggling with each other over this event why not find a politicians you can throw yourself behind and put your energies to excellent use.  At a later time when more facts can be uncovered there is no reason one couldn't return to if if you believe there is reason.

      Off to the MICU to see how Hub is doing today, already talked to the doc, but need to tell Hub nNO WAY he is going home today.  If anyone believes in them and have any extra prayers send them our way, we can use them right now.

      Peace be with you,

      Thou Shalt NOT Whine...Get to WORK! Just a painty kat - NOT that be meanie cat

      by PaintyKat on Sun Oct 15, 2006 at 12:59:55 PM PDT

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