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  •  Of course personal and political are linked, (1+ / 0-)
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    but if you go back and read what I wrote, what I'm talking about are the Buffy/Indy diaries and their ilk.  What possible benefit to the community to diaries that do not, by any stretch of the imagination, touch on political issues?  I'm not talking about the diaries that nyceve posted on heatlth insurance, which gave an up close and personal look at the failures of the health insurance industry in the US, nor am I talking about diaries like RenaRF's charming story of losing her (canvassing) virginity.  I'm talking about diaries like Buffy's, which some people interpreted as a "suicide note", or diaries like Indy's, which was at worst, a not very well-crafted fiction, and at best, seems to be laying the groundwork for a thesis in social dynamics on liberal blogs (in response to the Buffy stuff, I wonder?)

    "Personal tragedy" diaries are fine, in their place, but dKos isn't that place, at least if the FAQ for this site is to be believed.  If people want to form a blog for that kind of thing, and have Kos link to it like he does "Street Prophets", fine.  This community is getting to be way too big, and it's too hard to police the hysteria when stuff like the Buffy situation takes off.  Political news, views, arguments, fine; but dKos shouldn't become another myspace.  

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