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View Diary: MexiKos 10/15/06: Off Duty Soldiers Assassinate Oaxacan Activist (18 comments)

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    A nation of 107 million just south of our border with 10s of millions of citizens living in America  is in the throws of pre-revolutionary chaos and it gets little or no attention. Shame on us.

    My feeling as a Democrat and a nationalist is that we should be encouraging those who want to overturn the corrupt establishment in Mexico. A socialist government would try to bring a decent standard of living to the poor with education, health care, employment so that they at least have a chance at a good life in Mexico. The problem is that when you have so many people, the pie is always going to be frustratingly small.

    The population of Mexico is pretty much stagnant at 107 million people. Mexico has a birthrate of 20 per 1000. How can this be? Like water in a overflowing bathtub, the unsupportable people of Mexico are coming to America. It is in America's interest to decide how many come; it is in Mexico's ruling elite's interest to keep their population ignorant and poor, and export their problems to America. If the GOP loses in 2006, they will return in 2008 on a populist anti-immigration platform, and they will probably win.

    Unless the Democrats can articulate a win-win solution for America and Mexico, there will be a lose-lose solution. Any solution must include bringing into equilibrium Mexican demographics and economic opportunities. Failure to do so will put America in the car-pool lane to fascism.

    Bien suerte to the people of Oaxaca for taking their lives into their own hands, they deserve our prayers and andmiration.

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