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  •  And it's most shocking (3+ / 0-)
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    mapantsula, coral, ER Doc

    when the people throwing their hands in the air, declaring defeat before entering a race, are...


    It's like being hired to manage the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, then deciding to forfeit all games against the Yankees, because you'll lose anyway.

    Doing a heck of a job!

    "If I don't get my crackers, I'm going to get angry." -7.50; -6.21

    by sgoldinger on Tue Oct 17, 2006 at 10:52:14 PM PDT

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    •  For some reason I was watching (4+ / 0-)
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      Danny Boy, Terri, sgoldinger, ER Doc

      youtubes of the Buster Douglas Mike Tyson fight earlier tonight. Weird, because I don't like boxing. But JMM's last post at TPM also reminded me of that, in addition to your comment. Not to say that we should be the Buster Douglas's of electoral politics, but the principle is the same. Show up and do your damnedest, and fortune will favour the brave.

      Always always always always always hit back at the bullies. Hard and without remorse, mercy, or hesitation. Hit back everywhere, hit back in unexpected places. Demoralise your opponent with small unanticipated victories. Pinprick the aura of invincibility. Doolittle raid his ass in the most flagrant manner possible. Be as audacious as possible. Eliminate all their certainties. One successful candidate in a "no-hope" seat is worth far more than the cost of a hundred unsuccessful candidacies.

      We need to start talking about Kansas as blue state. With a straight face.

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