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View Diary: Jenna's Humanitarian Jaunt to Natural Gas Aquifer Terror Land (25 comments)

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    But really check out Chaco Resources, which used to be Sardinia Gold, partially owned by the Canadian mining co Barrick (Mulroney is on the board, btw), who George Bsh Sr is thick as thieves with and who are linked to the Carlyle Group.

    Barrick is the company who is going to destroy a huge glacier in Chile, polluting and ruining forever the water that hundreds of thousands of mostly indigenous people depend on, they are evil and have also been in Indonesia and Africa, and Bush Sr is deeply involved.  

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      in financial circles as a company to watch. From what I have read in the Argentine press, it seems that it is papa Bush who is possiblt purchasing, not jr. Another interesting factoid about this piece of real estate is that another gazzillionaire whose name I don't recall (he owned Esprit) has also bought a large property there, which he says he is preserving from development.

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