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View Diary: DHS Extends Contracts for Limo. Co. Connected to Prostitution Scandals (55 comments)

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    I expect nothing less of this administration. We need to keep adding to the list and remember this come 08. It's not just this administration but almost all republicans. I have a boss that's a republican and he neither cares or pays attention to what goes on in this country. I don't mean he doesn't care like ya know (Big Whoop). I mean he truely doesn't care. He doesn't watch the know...they are biased and all ignorant liberals. He received a fax today from someone in the COP saying they needed money and what does he do????...guess. sent the a thousand dollar check. That should get him a christams card from the preznit. Sorry about the rant. I know now why I canvas my neighborhood for my local Dems. OK back to my corner

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