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View Diary: Bush's Justice Department 'Pardons' Armstrong Williams (45 comments)

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  •  In all fairness... (0+ / 0-)

    a) Air America's signal in New York is awful.

    b) Armstrong Williams is too laid back on the Air America version of his show (I never heard the other version) and lets the other guy (Sam?) talk too much, but seems to be polite and reasonably moderate when he does speak. I liked Rachel Maddow's show better, but I like the fact that the Armstrong Williams show actually gets a lot of calls from African American listeners and actually gives the callers a real chance to get on the air.

    c) It sounds to me as if Williams  thinks he has a strong defense for what happened, and that might be  true. But I think the Bush administration is guilty with respect to the media personality payola scandal until proven otherwise. It might be that any given media personality identified is a victim of some kind of bureaucratic snafu, but I just know in my heart that the media payola thing is the sort of thing that the Jeff Gannon creators would love to do.

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