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    Ray Radlein, Mrcia, craigb

    I also live and work in a pretty diverse area with ethnic restaurants on every corner, patronized by folks from all over the world. Most of the people seem un-engaged; lots of them don't have much money or education and I think issues outside of day to day getting by aren't compelling.  (That's not true for the 3 I mentioned in the earlier post -- they're just jackasses :-)

    It's rare for me to have a head-nodding conversation about politics during my average day of work and errands.  Most of the people I know who think like me are from my son's progressive school, or friends I usually only talk to on the phone. My son and husband are simpatico, so home is pretty comfortable. It's weird, being surrounded by Republicans and feeling pretty alienated from them. At the same time, I have learned something about their habits and habitats.  It's like watching Mutual of Omaha (you have to be pretty old to get that reference).

    •  Wild Life (7+ / 0-)

      "...and here's Jim, wrestling a neocon to the ground. After tranquilizing him, we'll relocate him to a safe location, where he can plot world domination while scientists carefully observe him in his natural habitat. This way, we can learn more about these fascinating, if dangerous creatures.

      "Join us next week, when we'll track down an entire herd of Rapture Rightists, and Jim gets his chance to tag and release a real, live Televangelist."

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