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  •  Kerry should turn over that money (1+ / 0-)
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    The guy has no chance of winning another Presidential Bid, he blew it on the last one.

    He needs to help out his party..

    •  wake up and smell the coffee. (2+ / 0-)
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      MH in PA, onanyes

      Read the rules about how much he's LEGALLY allowed to donate.

      Besides, if I were him, I'd say "Screw this, I"m out campaigning for all THESE people yet people are saying I need to help the party and that I'm not doing enough?"

      And by the way, that picture doesn't even have Ted Strickland OHIO or Jennifer Granholm (MICHIGAN) who he's been out busting butt for too.  Who else isn't included?

      Frankly, in my opinion, this community ought to feel ashamed of themselves for going haywire without even understanding the campaign finance laws and while these so called, "Prove it with a link" people simply accepted a dark, mysterious smear campaign as fact since it suits their mindset.

      And yet, it's fairly common knowledge that the people who do the smearing usually are the ones who are most guilty of doing exactly what they're attacking with.  

      So who do you think isn't donating to the DCCC that wants Kerry to but not themselves?

      (OH and by the your logic, I donated to Al Gore in 2000 but he didn't even have the intellegence to count the WHOLE STATE of Florida from the get-go.  Even I, a non political person understood that he should have fought for every vote across that whole corrupt state!  So I want my money I donated to him to go to the candidates that John Kerry is donating to instead.  Since I don't want the DCCC who won't even stand up against torture or support the Kerry-Feingold Out of Iraq Bill but instead offer some b.s. milk-weed bland Republican-light alternative.  Oh..that's right.  The people here at Daily Kos LOVED the Republican-light version and they want Schumer and Reid to keep those established Dems in office. { sarcasm } )

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