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  •  "Name it and claim it" defined (2+ / 0-)
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    AllisonInSeattle, terrypinder

    I was a first a bit surprised at this request, but then I remembered that a) most people probably haven't heard this term since the 80's and b) that's not the term that even dominionist groups use so much nowadays.  (This is what I get for being an Old Fart and not realising that my audience may in fact be a good ten years younger than I am. :3)

    Anyways..."name it and claim it" is a common name (at least common in Assemblies of God circles, and particularly common in the 80's and 90's) for a particular subset of dominion theology known as "Word-Faith", "Positive Confession" (this is actually the name that Cho typically refers to it as), "Health and Wealth Gospel" or--most recently--"Prosperity Gospel".  (The name "Name it and claim it" was popularised by Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker (interestingly, Jim Bakker has since renounced not only "name it and claim it" but a lot of the abusive practices of Assemblies-style dominionism in general); the term "Prosperity Gospel" has been popularised by the more recent promoters of "word-faith" theology like Creflo Dollar, Rod Parsley (yes, the same one who's working with Ken Blackwell to rig the crap out of the Ohio elections) and the like.)

    Most of the articles one finds on "name it and claim it" are in fact found on Google on a search for "word-faith"; for those wanting to do further research, Deception In The Church has a metric tonne of articles on the subject.  Apologetics Index also has good write-ups on the subject as well.

    "Name it and claim it" can be considered an extention of neopente dominion theology, as it teaches that the "Saved" are essentially God's Ubermensch; in "name it and claim it", it's taught that Satan "stole the blessings" of all of mankind during the Fall (the Fall having, in dominion theology, given dominion of the planet back to Satan) and that Jesus only stole the keys to get the blessings back--the dominionists are apparently the only people since the time of Jesus Himself to have "gotten Christianity right" thereby making them the only groups with "authority" to reclaim dominion--thus making them the literal Chosen and "Joel's Army" out to win back the planet (and everything on it) for God's Side.

    (Incidentially, there are some particularly bizarre ideas that many "name it and claim it" promoters have on Jesus "getting the keys" to claiming dominion again; quite a few promoters basically promote a variation on the "Harrowing of Hell" in which Jesus spends the three days of his death either being tortured by or by wrestling Satan for the keys for the planet.  (I remember the "wrestling" variation promoted by my church; quite a few TV preachers have promoted the "tortured for three days in hell"; both explicitly preach that Jesus went to hell after being crucified.  Most mainstream Christian groups, quite understandably, find this extremely heretical.)

    Anyways, in "name it and claim it", it's taught that the Elect are literally God's Chosen and that God's Chosen are not meant to want for anything--"what daddy wouldn't want nice things for his kids?", so it's stated.  Of course, it's also taught that Satan claimed dominion over all things, so what the Elect have to do is "fight for things"--by "naming and claiming them" to "claim authority over the Devil" and to secure one's blessing.

    If one remains poor, the failure of "name it and claim it" is often attributed to not having sufficient faith, or not being firm enough in "naming and claiming" (often this includes frank denial of potentially lethal body conditions; diabetics, for instance, are in fact instructed to shout loudly "DEVIL, YOU'RE A LIAR" when presented with evidence that they are diabetic and are to essentially deny in all ways that they are in fact diabetic--including being advised to drop a diabetic diet).  Also, failure is attributed to not demonstrating faith enough; people are encouraged to donate very large "seed faith offerings" of fifty percent or more of their income to the church as a "seed that God will increase tenfold back to you" (yes, you're hearing this right--they're literally promoting God as a pyramid scheme).

    This is abusive enough, but more often than not "name it and claim it" is combined with two other heads of the dominion theology hydra--"deliverance ministry" and "Joel's army theology" (and political dominionism in general).  "Deliverance ministry" comes into "name it and claim it" in that failures are often attributed to "opening doorways for Satan in your life" or even "generational curses" resulting from the misdeeds of an ancestor up to seven generations back (and for things as innocent as, say, wearing peace signs or reading one's horoscope in the newspaper or even having designs of thunderbirds on Grandma's old rug she got in New Mexico in the 20's); the practices and theories are in fact almost identical to those used in Scientology and result in similar haemorrhaging of bank accounts--and similar "walking wounded".

    In fact, people are taught explicitly that if they do not fight to "name and claim" things as much as possible that they risk "Satan stealing your blessing".  This leads to incredibly cultish scenarios in many cases where people are spending most of their time--and their money--in the dominionist "parallel economy" and at dominionist churches and political groups because they are scared to death they will end up peniless, sick, and damned if they don't do so.

    Joel's Army stuff and political dominionism become an integral part of "name it and claim it" in that it's explicitly taught that people must "name and claim" entire neighbourhoods, states, countries, the entire Planet (people familiar with Scientology will be familiar with Scientology's stated goal of "Clearing the Planet" of those "body thetans" and Xenu's influence; it's pretty much the same deal here with dominionism).  Sentient people and nations are seen as things to be "named and claimed" so that they can "break Satan's dominion over them"; members of "name it and claim it" churches are taught that they must "name and claim" dominion over the entire country and turn it into a real-life Republic of Gilead--because if they don't, Satan will claim dominion and "steal this country's blessing".  (Yes, this is the literal theological excuse for dominionism in most premillenial dispensationalist churches--if we don't "name and claim" people and the country and the planet, the devil will and he'll rob us of all our nifty stuff besides.  This is why things like hexing the Senate--or individual people--in the name of Christ is seen as acceptable; they see these things less as people and more as resources to name, claim, and exploit.)

    Practitioners of magickal systems should see the obvious magickal parallels--and the misuse of them--inherent in "name it and claim it".

    •  Kinda touched a nerve there? (0+ / 0-)

      Hope you turn that into a diary someday, lots of good info.

      All totally wierd -- and thanks for explanations.

      Be good to each other. It matters. Bill Sali

      by AllisonInSeattle on Wed Oct 25, 2006 at 12:29:12 AM PDT

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      •  Yeah, you could say you touched a nerve, LOL (1+ / 0-)
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        I grew up in the whole "name it and claim it" madness (up to and including trips to "Heritage USA" as a "Christian alternative" to Kings Island et al), and seeing as I have permanent effects (including an eye that is uncorrectable to below 20/40 thanks to attempts to "name it and claim it" straight and well by my folks instead of getting the surgeries my doctor recommended at age two--not to mention the complex PTSD and resocialisation issues), yeah, you might say I'm still just a wee bit bitter **laugh**.

        I do intend to write a diary on the subject of "name it and claim it" someday, in all seriousness.

        •  Good luck and good thoughts (2+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:
          AllisonInSeattle, dogemperor

          Healing from abuse suffered while you believe or find true that NO ONE WILL HELP YOU, or even believe you.  Especially by those who SHOULD love you...gets better after escape.  But, funny how easily small things trigger it flooding back even if for seconds.
            My household hitler was spouse. Trapped to protect child since courts didn't believe women back then.      TERRORISM IS THEIR GOAL AND TOOL
            Guess watching how slickly he "sounded" okay to others even while threatening us.  Hair on back of neck prickles when I meet them now.  
            WOW.  Maybe that's why I "smelled sulpher" like Chavez said ---- even while they seemed so nice to others. My FIRST thought 9/11 was REICHSTAG FIRE!!
          Guy Fawkes gunpowerder plot!   Not Again.  Don't feel alone -- just separate and smart enough to be careful.

          Pre 9/11 Iraqis voted via constitution. Post 9/11 our dicator ignores rights too.

          by Neon Mama on Wed Oct 25, 2006 at 11:43:15 AM PDT

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          •  Very good descriptions (0+ / 0-)

            thanks. Good descriptions of awful stuff.... and of how that catapults a person into a more intuitive world. When you've had experience with that style of controlling madness up close and personal... it gets easier to spot in others, doesn't it?

            And I think that's a good thing, for survival, and for thriving, for the rest of one's life.

            Be good to each other. It matters. Bill Sali

            by AllisonInSeattle on Thu Oct 26, 2006 at 11:11:32 AM PDT

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        •  Experience *can* make a good teacher... if the (0+ / 0-)

          person chooses to rise to the occasion. You are rising to the occasion, and educating the rest of us. A very vital role. Someone who was outside the whole culture can't have insight until someone like you explains it.

          MLK couldn't have been MLK as a white person, he had to have been a target of racism to explain the consequences to the larger country as he did.

          Glad you'll write that diary. Say, "re-socialization" is a good word, very useful, thanks for that.

          PS re parents: If it's not one thing, it's another, we all have some form of wierdness there, some just more extreme than others. Best in dealing with your -- obviously more extreme -- particular situation there, in overcoming it.

          Be good to each other. It matters. Bill Sali

          by AllisonInSeattle on Thu Oct 26, 2006 at 11:08:22 AM PDT

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