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View Diary: "Stay the course"? Whoever said such a thing? (200 comments)

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    They've gotten away with it for 6 years, why should they stop now??


    One note though:  Dems need to start counteracting this frame the Repubs are putting out about us pulling out if Iraq leading to a civil war, death and destruction.  Now we all know that will happen in all likelihood.  But they are setting the Dems up so that if we do somehow engineer a withdrawal, they can say it is all our fault.

    The bottom line is, this was BUSH's war, BUSH lied, BUSH used fake intelligence, BUSH was determined to finish his daddy's job, he had tons of warnings that it would lead to civil war and unrest in the powder keg that is the Middle East, and he did it anyway!!!

    Now we have no good answers left, but that is in no way the Dems' fault (except the ones that voted for the war but let's not go there right now).

    Never give up! Never surrender!

    by oscarsmom on Mon Oct 23, 2006 at 02:03:27 PM PDT

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