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    I believe that this is a combination of several factors.  First of all, Sherwood's sleazy behavior didn't start when he went to congress.  He was a well know cheater for many many years before that.  He is a wealthy business owner who hurt and humiliated his wife many times before.  But it was when it became a national joke that the people of this area, led by republican women, just couldn't excuse him anymore. When he settled a law suit, I am guessing most people thought "yeah, he choked her". Plus there are rumors that his wife has been to the emergency room in the past under similar circumstances.  I have no idea if that is true.

    I am guessing that where he is losing republican support is more in the small towns, suburbs and several small cities rather than in rural areas.

    Also it was fine to be a bush rubber stamp as long as Bush was popular.  He is still more popular here than in some places...but not that much.  So the national mood has a lot to do with this race.  Plus the Foley scandal just reinforces the idea that this batch of republicans are morally chalenged.

    The war isn't really popular here.  We have lost a LOT of young people.  In one two month period last year we lost 5 or 6 young men.  With this area being as depressed as it is economically, people have to be wondering what the hell we are spending billions of dollars a week in Iraq for when we have needs here that are not being met.

    I think generally republicans have worn out there welcome and in districts where the republican is also an embarrasment and not well liked, there is really no reason for people to support him.  If he were this great guy everyone liked the story would be completely different.

    Regarding Rendell, this is what he does:  He runs two kinds of commercials.  One says "this is what I have done for you" and the other one says "this is what I plan for the future".  He looks like a competant manager and a likable guy.  He is very positive and yet in no way
    a pushover. He is the perfect governor for PA.

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