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    that the Tester campaign may be the beginning of a western revival for the Dems.  But I think that the same can be done here in the South.  Now to be honest, the South does not have the History of flirting with Progressive Populism the way that the Mid-west and West do, but I think that it will work here.  The basic desire in the South in general is to be left a lone from outside interference, and for years the Republicans have fed on that, deceiving the South in to thinking that they were the ones that were doing that.  However I see a shift coming here.  
    For example, the town (well wide spot) where I live outside of Asheville was literally put on the map by the textile mills that were here.  But thanks to NAFTA and soon CAFTA all those jobs are leaving.  The main problem here and elsewhere in the South is that the infrastructure is not there to present an alternative vision to the People.  That is the biggest thing that needs to change.
    We have a 50 state strategy, but what we need to have is an every county, every precinct strategy, because I can promise you, if you don't ask people here for their vote, they will not give it to you.  It is a matter of pride.  


    The Great appear great because we are on our knees - Let Us Rise! -- "Big Jim" Larkin

    by cm1165 on Tue Oct 24, 2006 at 11:40:50 PM PDT

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