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    "I support hate, nationalism, close-mindedness, and fear. The liberals are villifying me. The for me... blah blah blah."

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      Idaho's Rethugs are a special breed of thug. Imagine -  constantly yakking about getting government off people's backs but then whining about abortions and gays. They're all for getting the government off people's backs - rich, white male people.

      Sorry, sometimes these guys just REALLY piss me off.

      I think I have to send another tithe to Grant to take out my anger.

      "No, I don't want to respond to him. He's at 20 percent in the polls. No one listens to him. He has no credibility. It's ridiculous." - Joe Biden on the VP

      by The Lighthouse Keeper on Tue Oct 24, 2006 at 08:31:24 PM PDT

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        that's what I don't get as well. As libertarian as Idaho is, I don't see how gays and abortions plays well there at all, though it does, strangely. The natural hypocrisy of people, I guess. No, check that: the natural effects of blind religious devotion and fear-mongering.

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