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  •  you mean THAT Joe Klein? (3+ / 0-)
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    As in the the guy who allowed his own magazine to engage in a deception of its readers that redounded to his financial benefit (the Primary Colors fiasco...)?

    I did not buy a Newsweek for years because of that incident (not just because of Klein's actions, but the editor's as well). Klein lost any credibility he ever pretended to have in that incident, over which he has no remorse. I place him in a nearby circle of journalistic perdition as Judith Miller: the hellhole of Journalists Who Lie. True, he has had no role, as far as I know, in tens of thousands of civilian deaths, the way Miller has in flamboyantly pimping for a pointless war. But his sins were clearly tawdry from the start, attached, as they were, to simple personal gain.

    As I recall, before his author identity was exposed, Klein said something to the effect of "I stake my journalistic credibility on saying I am not Anonymous (author of Primary Colors)." Well then, why do some people still think he has any ceredibility? I mean, can't we just stop this crap indeed, and tell journalists like Klein who flat out lie to their readers that, well, we just think they suck?

    "Scrutinize the bill, it is you who must pay it...You must take over the leadership." - Brecht

    by pedestrian xing on Wed Oct 25, 2006 at 05:29:30 PM PDT

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