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View Diary: The 2003 Tax Cuts -- Top 10% receive 90% the Benefits (209 comments)

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  •  Because sadly this does not work as an issue of (1+ / 0-)
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    ...mass appeal. During the 2000 elections I wrote an awful lot about what a financial disaster Bush's proposed fiscal policies were going to be to the middle and poor classes (on another websight) and had my rump handed to me on a platter.

    People need to see the results of class warfare before they "get" it.  

    Most people make their voting decisions based on visceral emotions, how they react to hot button items, which are based on your hormones.  The Republican campaign plan for this cycle was very carefully thought out to distract voters from their performance success at raiding the National Treasury, for which they should really get a A+.

    Sadly we also have people in this country who do NOT want health care reform, and they have a very formidable lobby and a very eerie system of trolls patrolling the more liberal websights. Ughhhhh.

    •  I agree in part (0+ / 0-)

      I do believe that you are right on saying that people need to feel the cold, but in both issues America is now ripe. The polls show a great discontent with health care, and Lou Dobbs and many others have put the "war on the middle class" in for grabs.

      Now, you need to have some plans to show that your not just bitching. The trick is to have enough to show but not enough to be trample by the republicans. Call for example for a national board on Health care reform with some big names.

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