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View Diary: Cape Cod Kennedys: I'm coming after you next (294 comments)

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  •  o.k. screw the affluent nimbys only. blacktop (1+ / 0-)
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    their land would be my solution, to hell with them.


    by seabos84 on Thu Oct 26, 2006 at 06:13:39 PM PDT

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    •  A little nuance would be nice... (1+ / 0-)
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      As much as I'd like to see Cape Wind built, I have to admit that some of the opponents are liberal Democrats who support issues that I support.  Given a choice between leaving our troops in the Iraq meatgrinder and supporting Cape Wind (a fallacy, I know), I'd give getting out of Iraq a higher priority.

      The Cape Wind NIMBY crowd are worried about their homes' values.  The Cape Cod housing market is somewhat over-valued, mostly due to the scarcity of oceanfront properties, but also because of the general rise in housing prices in New England.  Me, I don't think that Cape Wind will affect the price of real estate as much as the general New England market (and national trends or interest rates) will.

      But to see things from the NIMBY point of view, I did a thought-experiment (there's a German compound noun for this word, which I have forgotten).  Open a program like Photoshop (or The Gimp, MS Paint, JASC Paintshop, etc.).  Create a blank canvas 1000x1000 pixels.  Fill the top 500x100 pixels with sky blue.  Below that fill 250x100 pixels with sea blue.  Fill the next 125x1000 pixels with a sand color.  Finally, fill the bottom 125x1000 pixels with dark green.  Now, stare at this for a while.

      Puts you in a rather tranquil mood, no?  We're hard-wired for this sort of thing, just staring at the horizon, watching the sea.  Any sort of vertical element (even if it's a wind tower that's only 20 pixels tall in our thought-experiment) breaks up that horizon.

      That's why people buy beach-front property.  It's a visceral, subconscious affiinity for unbroken horizons that leads people to oppose this project, and they'll come up with any disengenuous reason to block it.   Of course, being affluent means that they can take it in the pants when the N*Star electric bill comes every month.

      But some of these same people are on our side on issues like Iraq, gay marriage, stem cell research.

      Anyway, I wouldn't want to blacktop their McMansions.  I'd rather make them communal housing for the H2B workers who come from the Ukraine and Bulgaria each summer to serve fried scallops to the tourists and strip the bedding from their motel beds every day.


      "In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart." - Anne Frank

      by ktakki on Thu Oct 26, 2006 at 08:38:51 PM PDT

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      •  Aha, but the people that buy the beach front ... (0+ / 0-)

        ... properties to look at lovely Lake Erie ... they are going to be easily trampled by Buckeyes that have been promised an increase in job opportunities.

        Wasn't I clear enough before? Let the Cape Cod people pay for the windfarm to relocate to Lake Erie. As they say in Oz, no dramas.

        OH15: IN: Kilroy for Congress. OUT:Deborah Pryce

        by BruceMcF on Thu Oct 26, 2006 at 10:45:14 PM PDT

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