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    There does seem to be some interest in windpowered electrical generation in Ohio, but so far it has been limited to demonstration projects and novelties like the turbine at the Great Lakes Science Center (which nonetheless generates 7% of the electricity used by the facility).

    Financing seems to be one of the major hurdles - along with NIMBY and inertia and undoubtedly resistance from the energy cabal that forced Dennis Kucinich from the Mayor's office when he wouldn't sell Cleveland Municipal Power in the late 70's.

    From the Cleveland Plain Dealer, about a new 'twist' on windmill design to better withstand Ohio winters, and more suited to urban landscapes:
    A spire built to inspire Is this the future breezing into town?

    The IBEW is in touch with the notion that "green" power generation could provide good jobs. In a region that desperately something to rebuild its economy around, this idea has a lot of power. (Paging Gov. Strickland!)
    IBEW plugging 'green' fuels Electrical workers are heading to Cleveland with current ideas

    and from  from Crain's Cleveland Business
    Ohio's wind energy lacking

    "It's all complicated; it's all connected. That's why we have to pay attention." - Jon Carroll,

    by Turbonerd on Fri Oct 27, 2006 at 07:27:12 AM PDT

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