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View Diary: The Power of Negative Branding: Carville Gets It on Webb (204 comments)

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  •  Last Ditich Effort? (7+ / 0-)

    I was worried when this story first broke, but after a little dwelling time I think that there is a chance this could backfire on Felix.  I'm no expert on VA politics, but it seems to me that what Felix is trying so hard to do with this (and the NJ Supreme Court ruling) is to rally his fundy base who should already be fully on board.  If, at this late in the game, he is still trying to get them plugged into this race he is, as George Herbert Walker Bush once said "in deep doo-doo."

    Meanwhile this simply isn't going to play in Northern Virginia which is were Webb needs a strong turnout and could simply further motivate people there to get out and vote for Webb.

    Wishful thinking?  Maybe.  As I say I am not an expert on VA politics, but if Felix is indeed trying to rally a base who should already be on board, he has a need to be worried.

    •  Northern Virginia (5+ / 0-)

      This is a critical point.

      There are, generally speaking, three pools of voters in all elections. First, the committed GOP partisan voters. Second, the committed Dem partisan voters. Third, the independent "moderate" voter.

      What is the effect of this on those 3 groups? Properly framed by Dems, it is ho hum with GOP voters, a motivator for Dem voters, and a postive for Webb with moderate voters.

      Why? Because this is more yahoo anti-science, anti-stem cell, anti facts from the GOP.

      Moderate voters do no vote for the GOP because of their views on social issues.

      •  Allen may have scored a hit... (0+ / 0-)

        I'm afraid that Allen may have scored a hit precisely because this is not about censorship or literature or war experience. Allen framed Webb's writing as indicative of Webb's alleged "lack of respect for women."  As such, it tied into Allen's earlier attacks on Webb for his old statements about women in the military.  The suggestion that Webb doesn't respect women or women's professionalism may well resonate with Democratic Northern VA educated women.

        That's why I wrote this suggestion to Webb last week, when he posted a diary here, last week:

        Mr. Webb, I can't even begin to express how much I support your campaign and how much I hope you win this election....

        ....Many women were offended, and some are turned off, by your old remarks on women's military service.  You have daughters.  Your daughters are now young women.  Your daughters are in a position to tell the public how your experience raising daughters has changed your perspective -- how your perspective has grown and matured along with the growth and maturation of your daughters.

        Please -- consider putting your daughters into a  campaign ad to speak directly to women voters ....I think women have a great deal of sympathy and understanding of men whose ideas about women and girls have changed as they've seen their daughters grow.  I think this would be a great way -- maybe even the best way -- to solidify your appeal to women voters.  Please, consider this idea.

        Good luck with your campaign.... You must beat George Allen!


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