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View Diary: The Power of Negative Branding: Carville Gets It on Webb (204 comments)

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  •  No, I don't live in TN. I know that Republicans (1+ / 0-)
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    play on prejudice. I also know from almost all polls taken this year, show that gay marriage is far less of an issue this election cycle than it was made to be before. That people everywhere are more concerned about the WAR eg. About the high cost of gas, home-heating oil, jobs and corruption in the Republican party. That Bush is even losing his 'Christian' base.

    I do know that Democrats in red states have to be more conservative in order to win. But what I'm saying is that Ford could have deflected the question. On the other hand, if those are his real beliefs, then he was right to be honest about them. At least this way, voters know where he stands.

    •  I figured as much... (2+ / 0-)
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      NannyR, Molly Martinez

      you don't deflect something that you can very clearly refute.  Deflection is best used to evade.  Polls aren't the be all of existence.  Here in TN gay marriage is a big issue and a bigger issue than any poll will show. I think those polls probably wouldn't show abortion as a top priotity, but we all know it's a huge issue. The fact is, Ford is not going to win this election by turning out the base, he's going to win it by peeling off Republicans and independents.  Further, in TN especially (and nationally) there a lot of Democrats that are opposed to gay marriage.  It's not pretty but it's reality.  That's why he didn't deflect.  Politics is local.

      Arrogance and stupidity: it's a winning combination.

      by MatthewBrown on Sat Oct 28, 2006 at 03:31:30 PM PDT

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      •  If gay marriage is a big issue (1+ / 0-)
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        then you people in Tennessee need to get a life.  Ever hear of the Iraq war? global warming? corruption? immigration? education?

        If person A wants to marry person B, I say right on!  What business is it of mine?  Do you want other people telling you who you can marry?

        This is just not an important issue in the grand scheme of things.

        •  Oh, yes, it is an important issue (1+ / 0-)
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          in Tennessee.  Believe me, I know.  I live here.  And nothing riles up the rednecks who also live here than the suggestion implied by the Repub attack ads on Ford here, than the idea that their virginal, sweet females might be titillated by even the fantasy of having a sexual relationship with (gasp! shudder!) a black man.

          I work in a large retail establishment, and one only has to note the facial expressions of (mostly) elderly white customers, when an interracial couple comes into the store.  The atmosphere is noticeably hostile.

          Sad to say, racism is still alive and well in Tennessee.  At least, in it's older citizens.  The younger folks seem to have pretty much abandoned this prejudice, so maybe there is some hope for our state. I hope Ford can overcome this obstacle, and garner enough votes from the younger, more progressive Tennesseans to win a seat in the Senate.  But I'm not too optimistic.  For the average Tennessean, voting for a black candidate repudiates everything they were taught from childhood.  The "Southern Stragety" of the Republican party, unfortunately, still has many adherents, here in Tennessee.

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