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  •  Ignorance and arrogance (9+ / 0-)

    I work in the medical field (genetics) and recently attended a lecture by a research neurologist working on an experimental stem cell treatment for Parkinson's disease. What your readers may not know is that stem cell transplants are considered to have promising potential for treatment of Parkinson's because the neurological defect that causes the disease is confined to a very small region of the brain. This particular experiment involved injection of stem cells into the dopamine-producing region of the brain, the substantia nigra. Deep brain stimulation of the substantia nigra has been practiced for some time so the surgical pathway into the region is well-mapped.

    In its early stages Parkinson's can be quite difficult to diagnose, because several other conditions closely mimic the symptoms. So the patients in this study were chosen on the basis of severity of affectedness and lack of response to dopamine medications. Standardized metrics for the various symptoms were compared before and after and thus far the results have not been statistically definitive.  However, per standard safe practice, they began with a very small dosage and believe they saw a small effect, of perhaps marginal statistical significance. They plan to gradually up the dose to see if there may be a dose-dependent response.

    As for Limbaugh,  MJF charitably gave him a pass for his ignorance.  For his arrogance however,  he should be given no quarter... unless drawn and quartered.

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