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    I spent today helping my mother (who is beginning radiation and chemo for lung cancer) take care of my father, who has Alzheimer's.

    My father was once a leading medical researcher. He was a bono fide genius. Today, all he can do is repeat, over and over: "I don't understand what's happening."

    I don't know whether embryonic stem cell research will ever yield a workable cure for Alzheimer's. But I do know that if there is even a remote chance, to throw that chance away in the name of ideology is criminal.

    My generation, the baby boomers, is taking care of elderly parents now. There are millions of us. Many are watching beloved fathers and mothers decline, hollowed out by this horrible disease.

    A pox upon George W. Bush and his veto, and Rush Limbaugh and his obscene mouth.

    All of us deserve the right to hope that things could get better.

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